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Behavioral Pigeon Control

Animals (especially a pigeon) have an amazing natural ability to adapt. Even if you are not an experienced animal trainer, you probably already know that addressing the environment will do little to control the undesired actions of these birds.  They will simply adapt! While there are many theories on animal[…]

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Commercial Services

U.S. Pigeon Control’s commercial services offer the most advanced and effective pigeon control solutions in the world. These services include: Area Patrol: Pigeon Control Agents will regularly patrol coverage zones identifying any pigeon issues occurring within the service area. Pigeon Control Agents regularly create assessment reports that are used to assign[…]

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Residential Services

Pigeon control for individual homes requires a joint effort between the homeowner and U.S. Pigeon Control. The ideal solution for pigeon control is always a Community Control program; however, when this is not possible, we do have a program that can be effective for your property. Remove Nesting Birds:If the[…]

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U.S. Pigeon Control’s Services

If you live in the United States, you know how bad the pigeon problem is. It seems like everyone wants to take your money but no one wants to solve your problem. Well finally there is a real solution.

U.S. Pigeon Control is dedicated to providing effective and humane solutions for pigeon control. The specialists at U.S. Pigeon Control are trained experts in pigeon behavior and can safely and effectively remove conflict pigeons from virtually any environment.

Our program has been successful in some of the most challenging environments in the United States and is unmatched by any method in the world.
Serving residential, commercial, and municipal properties.

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