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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Pigeons

  1. Pigeons can mate up to 8 times a year and incubate 2 eggs at a time.
  2. In the early part of the 20th century flocks of 100,000’s of birds would blacken the skies as they flew overhead. The early settlers managed to wipe out much of the bird population by 1914 through hunting.
  3. Pigeons have lived alongside man for thousands of years with the first image of pigeons dating back to 3,000BC.
  4. The feral pigeons that we see in our towns and cities today is a descended from the rock dove, a cliff-dwelling bird historically found in coastal regions.
  5. Pigeons have monocular vision rather than binocular vision like humans. They bob their heads for depth perception.  The pigeon’s eyes function much better with stationary images and therefrom as the pigeon takes a step forward the head is temporarily left behind. Then the pigeon jerks it’s head forward and this allows the bird to correctly orient itself.
  6. Pigeons feed their young with ‘pigeon milk’ that is regurgitated food which is fed to the squabs.
  7. Pigeons can return home after traveling 100’s of miles from home.
  8. Pigeons stay in the nest until they are almost full grown.
  9. Pigeons are masters at hiding their nests, which is why you’ve probably never seen a baby pigeon.
  10. Pigeons have the rare ability, for a large bird, to fly nearly straight up.

If you have pigeons on your property give U.S. Pigeons Control a call.  We can set up a program to keep your property pigeon free.