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5 Tips to Keep Pigeons Away

Pigeons can cause major damage to structures and property of businesses and homeowners.  For those with rooftop access, pigeons are an even more serious people.  Nobody wants to walk on a roof with pigeon droppings everywhere!  Of course, the best and most effective way to keep pigeons away is by hiring a pigeon control specialist.  But there are also a few DIY methods that you might want to try as well.  Here are a few tips on how to keep pigeons off your property.

  1. Bird Spikes

This is a popular option, although not effective in all locations it can be effective if used properly.  Spikes should only be placed where pigeons loaf, or roost, during the day.  The spikes them may look dangerous, but they are just a deterrent and won’t hurt the birds.  They only prevent the birds from landing.  Do not place spikes where pets or animals may touch them.


  1. Wire Mesh

If you have nice cozy places like vents or covered areas where pigeons like to hide, one easy way to keep them away is by installing wire mesh over these areas.  Be sure to secure them with nails!


  1. Reduce/Eliminate Food and Water Sources

Obviously, pigeons cannot live somewhere where there is no food or water sources.  By removing easy access to food and water, your property will become quickly less attractive to pest birds. Remember that trash cans, pet food, and fallen fruit can all be food sources for pigeons.  Likewise, any standing water would be adequate for pigeons.


  1. Enforce No Feed laws

Don’t allow people to feed pigeons on your property!  The law is on your side.  Feeding pigeons is illegal!


  1. Hire an experienced Pigeon Control Professional

Pigeons can be extremely hard to control.  Their population in the Las Vegas area is huge, and they like to stay in large flocks.  Without proper techniques you could have damages that cost you thousands very quickly.  Not to mention all that noise could disturb guests and customers.  For the best results all pigeon problems should be reported to U.S. Pigeon Control and a treatment plan should be put in place as quickly as possible.  Deterring pigeons can be tricky, and DIY methods rarely work on their own.  The professionals at U.S. Pigeon Control are trained in advanced techniques to make your property unattractive to pigeons, and keep them away!


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