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5 Ways Pigeons Can Ruin Your Thanksgiving

It might sound odd at first, but if you’ve ever had a problem with pest pigeons, you won’t be surprised to hear that pigeons can ruin any day, including Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is about coming together with your family, eating lots of food, and doing fun activities together. If there are pigeons on your property, you have a problem. Here are 5 ways pigeons can ruin your Thanksgiving.


  1. Someone Gets Pooped On

Yes, there will be family members who laugh at the poor victim who has pigeon poop dripping down their shoulder (or worse, in their hair), but it really isn’t funny. You see, pigeons can carry over fifty harmful pathogens in their feces which can cause some serious stomach viruses, among other nasty illnesses. They certainly won’t be thankful for your pest pigeons ruining their day.


  1. A Child Falls into a Pile of Feces

Pigeons are notorious for leaving huge piles of harmful poop wherever they nest, and if they take up residence in a barn, playhouse, or on your porch, you’ll likely be left with mounds of unsightly and unsafe poop. If you have lots of young kids to your home on Thanksgiving who may fall or unknowingly step in that pile of poop, it will pose a risk to their health.


  1. They Cause Structural Damage

Pigeons are notorious for nesting in large numbers and building huge stick nests in gutters, undersides of roofs, chimneys, and drains. Unlike songbirds, who are relatively tidy nest builders, pigeons will move and drop numerous large sticks and other nesting materials in an area they believe is suitable. Even if they realize it’s not possible to nest there, they may have blocked your drain which can cause serious structural damage to your home.


  1. They’re Noisy

You all sit down at the table for your Thanksgiving meal and… what’s that? All you can hear are the many coos and calls of the pigeons, the rustling of their feathers, and if they are on your building, the clattering of their feet on the roof. Maybe it’s not the end of the world, but it may make it more difficult for the elderly people at the table to hear what everyone is saying and enjoy the meal with your family.


  1. They Put You at Greater Risk of a Fire

If the pigeons on your property find their way into an area where there are a lot of wires and electrics, they may fill it with flammable objects such as dry twigs, leaves, and bits of paper. If something goes wrong or if a pigeon pulls on a wire, it could quickly catch on fire and grow into a much bigger problem.


If you have pigeons on your property it’s important you do what you can to deter them and have them removed. US Pigeon Control humanely and legally removes pigeons from your property, so you don’t need to feel bad about dislodging them from their desired homes. We will quickly solve your problem and work with you to ensure the problem does not occur again. If you need help with pigeons on your property – no matter the time of year – contact us today by clicking here or call us on 866-674-7779.