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Ever wonder why fake owls don’t work?  Or why you had screens put up and you still can’t control pigeons? Perhaps you had spikes installed and are wondering why the birds just use it as framing for their nest? Maybe you even paid pest control thousands of dollars for a “shock track” system or poison bait for pigeon control?

We’ll go out on a limb here and say that if these pigeon control solutions worked you wouldn’t be reading this right now…

So why are pigeons so hard to control? Are they really that smart of a bird or have we simply been taking the wrong approach to feral bird control?

Pest vs. Pets

The only difference between what we consider a “pest” and our “pets” is simply the order of letters. Like your cat or dog, pigeons (and most birds) have many of the same capabilities in learning and adaptation. That’s what makes pest pigeon control so difficult. The presence of this bird is, in many instances, considered bothersome and even unhealthy. But this does not change the fact that a pigeon is an animal and we can control it the same way.

Imagine for a moment that you have a dog that is making a mess in the living room (the undesired behavior to control).  Obviously you want them to go to the bathroom outside and not on your living room carpet. So what can you do?  Do you rearrange your furniture?  Do you change the color of the curtains? Do you throw toys all over the room in hopes to deter this undesired activity?

Animals (especially a pigeon) have an amazing natural ability to adapt. Even if you are not an experienced animal trainer, you probably already know that addressing the environment will do little to control the undesired actions of these birds.  They will simply adapt!

While there are many theories on animal behavior, science has proven that there are only 2 ways to change or control this with any animal: positive or negative reinforcement.

As it relates to your dog going to go on your living room floor, that means that you have only 2 choices for control.  Positive reinforcement would mean that you would give your dog a treat (a reward) when he goes outside (the desire).   Negative reinforcement would mean that you would spank your dog (a consequence) when you catch him going indoors.

Those are the only methods known to man that will successfully modify the way an animal performs. Everything else is quite simply a waste of time, especially with a pest bird like pigeons.

True Pigeon Control

Now take what you’ve just learned about animals and ask yourself the same questions about why owls, screens, spikes, shock track and poison bait don’t work for pigeon control.

You’re right!  It’s because these actions also address only the environment and not the pigeon itself.

Introducing Behavioral Pigeon Control

Now that we know why typical methods of pigeon control don’t work, how do we apply that knowledge to pigeon problems? U.S. Pigeon Control has the answer and we call it “behavioral pigeon control”.  If you would like to know how we can help you to control pigeons, contact one of our experts today!

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