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Are You Attracting Pigeons To Your Business?

Pigeons can cause major issues for businesses and homes around the United States.  As soon as these birds gather on your roof or near your property they can cause damage to structures and vehicles with their droppings and nests.  Pigeon droppings can completely ruin vegetation, statues, benches and produce an objectionable odor.  Large accumulations of droppings may cause several fungal disease in humans.  Not to mention that pigeons often carry mites and parasites.  Pigeons have few natural enemies, save for aggravated humans, and are prolific breeders.  Many people end up asking themselves, “how do I stop these birds from ruining my property?”.  In this article we’ll provide you with some useful info to identify pigeon attractants and a simple way you can solve your pigeon problem!

Pigeons are simple creatures.  They are attracted by a few simple things that are a necessity to life; food, shelter and water.  Let’s talk about food first; pigeons can eat just about anything, which could be garbage or bread crumbs on the ground, fruit from trees and bushes, or food from birdfeeders.  Feeding your pets outdoors can attract pigeons.  It only takes a few days of having a consistent food source for the birds to figure out a specific feeding time and return daily.  In many places it is illegal to feed pigeons, however tourists are often seen feeding birds, which can also quickly attract more birds to the area.

Shelter is the next thing that pigeons will look for before moving into a new home.  Pigeons like shady places that give them a good view of nearby feeding areas.  Therefore, they like to gather on ledges, rooftops, signage, and other high places. Pigeons will also look for access to the interior of buildings and often make attic spaces their home via broken windows, missing or loose vents or any other small gap or openings.  Pigeon nests are often found inside gutters, under solar panels and under roof overhangs.

The final attraction for birds is water.  Standing water of any kind can attract pigeons. Fountains, ponds, bird baths, pools, broken sprinklers or drippers and decorative water features are all prime bird attractions and are often left completely “open for business” for any passing pigeons.

Many business owners inadvertently attract the birds by leaving these attractants open for full access by birds.  Pigeons are resilient and often find ways around deterrents and other common treatment options.  This means that an experienced professional is required to SOLVE a pigeon problem once and for all.

So how do I get rid of all these pigeons?

The best way to keep pigeons away from your home or business is to call in the professionals!  U.S. Pigeon Control can implement a program to keep pigeons away, help clean up their droppings, and remove any nests.  Like most animals, pheromones play a big part in the presence of pigeon flocks.  By ensuring that the area is properly cleaned you can regain control of your property and get it back to looking its best. Removing nests and food sources also deters them from remaining or returning to the premises. U.S. Pigeon Control will work with you and train you on simple tricks that you can so to create and maintain an “invisible fence” around your property.

US Pigeon Control is a humane solution to your pigeon problem.  Any captured animals are humanely killed, processed, and used as food for other birds of prey.  Furthermore, working with the animal is the only way to modify their behavior patterns and effectively control them. U.S. Pigeon Control has the answer to your pigeon problem!  If you would like to know how we can help you control pigeons contact one of our experts today!