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Protect Your Garden and Fruit Trees from Pigeons

After all your hard work to till, plant and weed a healthy garden, the last thing you want is for birds to come in a mercilessly snack on your fruits, and leafy vegetables. Without effective bird control, pest birds will wreak havoc on garden, especially budding fruit trees.  You’ll quickly[…]

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Don’t Feed the Birds!

Feeding birds at the park, public places, or in your backyard is a common past time for many people.  It can be fun to leave out a birdfeeder and watch lovely creatures fly around.  However, some birds can be pests and should not be fed.   Feeding birds encourages them to[…]

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Health Risks: Don’t Put Your Family & Customers at Risk

Pigeons can be messy, unsightly and potentially dangerous to have around.  Many people that feed birds and allow them to live on their property don’t realize the danger that they are putting their family & friends, or customers in.  Pigeons not only carry and transmit parasites, they can also carry[…]

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Are You Attracting Pigeons To Your Business?

Pigeons can cause major issues for businesses and homes around the United States.  As soon as these birds gather on your roof or near your property they can cause damage to structures and vehicles with their droppings and nests.  Pigeon droppings can completely ruin vegetation, statues, benches and produce an[…]

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Getting to Know Your Pigeon Pest

Knowledge is your first defense against a pigeon invasion.  Learn about pigeons, their behaviors and how U.S. Pigeon Control can help you eliminate the problem of pigeon flocks on your property. When are pigeons a problem? Pigeons are persistent birds and can take over areas, covering them with their waste[…]

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