US Pigeon Control

Local Prevention Tips

How to Safely Clean Up Pigeon Poop

If you know anything about pigeons, you know that you don’t want their droppings around anywhere you live or work. Pigeon droppings are acidic and corrosive, and can carry upward of 60 transmittable diseases. While your best move is to hire U.S. Pigeon Control to complete a full, all-natural, PheroClean[…]

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Regular Pigeon Control Can Save You Money

Are you spending thousands of dollars every year cleaning up bird droppings and repairing damage caused by nesting and roosting birds? Pigeons especially love to gather on rooftops, balconies, and parking structures in the Las Vegas area.  Pigeon feces are very acidic and can cause expensive damages to your building,[…]

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DIY Pigeon Control Tips

Pest birds can be a huge problem for business and home owners alike.  Their droppings can damage buildings and make for the need of huge cleanup efforts.  The noise can be disturbing to guests and your family.  Most people don’t know how or why birds are attracted to their homes[…]

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5 Tips to Keep Pigeons Away

Pigeons can cause major damage to structures and property of businesses and homeowners.  For those with rooftop access, pigeons are an even more serious people.  Nobody wants to walk on a roof with pigeon droppings everywhere!  Of course, the best and most effective way to keep pigeons away is by[…]

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Don’t Feed the Birds!

Feeding birds at the park, public places, or in your backyard is a common past time for many people.  It can be fun to leave out a birdfeeder and watch lovely creatures fly around.  However, some birds can be pests and should not be fed.   Feeding birds encourages them to[…]

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