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Commercial Pigeon Control

Pigeons can cause businesses thousands of dollars in repairs, lost revenues, fines, clean up costs and even lawsuits.  You can save your business money and yourself headaches by putting a solid pigeon control plan in place.  The U.S. pigeon Control team will work year round to keep your business free of pigeons and reduce your liability in pigeon related lawsuits by proving that you are pro-actively controlling the pigeon issues to the best of your ability.

These costs can be multiplied if you are the owner of a hotel, motel, or apartment complex.  Landlords are responsible for keeping the property “vermin” free.  If you are found guilty of neglecting this requirement you should be looking at fines upwards of $5,000 per unit!  Legal fees and settlements related to defending your company against pigeon related issues can be anywhere from $15,000-$75,000 depending on the charges and the judges ruling.

The health of your employees is also a considerable concern for business owners.  Health hazard/workers comp for health-related claims can cost your business $10,000-$20,000 annually, OR MORE depending on the size of your company and the pigeon issues.

Finally, there could be fines for pigeon complaints that last longer than 14 days after the legal notice is given.  Annually you could be looking at $3,000-$5,000 in fees if you don’t act quickly to any pigeon complaint!

Finally, clean up, maintenance, landscaping repairs and other damage repairs associated with pigeon issues could be a massive drain to your business.  These costs can sneak up on you, but they add up quickly.  One week you could need to hire a landscaper to repair and clean up the landscaping due to pigeon droppings.  Then, the next week you’re paying out to have someone pressure wash your parking and walkway areas.  Next, you might have to repaint an area that’s been damaged by pigeon droppings.  Within three years we estimate that you could be paying upwards of $100,000 for these simple, and avoidable services.

U.S. Pigeon Control offers the most advanced pro-active pigeon control solutions in the world.  These services include:

Pigeon Patrol:  Pigeon Control Agents can be dispatched to your business on a regular basis to patrol coverage areas and identify any potential issues.  Assessment reports will be submitted to assign resources to any zones were treatments are required.

Fast Response:  Our Pigeon Control Agents can be called to respond to many different calls from your business.  From bird rescue, carcass removal, capture operations, and treatments are just a few of the options.

Pigeon Removal:  Capturing and removing pigeons is an essential part of your pigeon control plan.  If you have trapped birds or nuisance birds flocking an areas give U.S. Pigeon Control a call, and we can help capture and remove the problem birds.

Reporting: If you have compliance issues, such as intentional feedings or even inadvertent feeds happening on your property, you can call U.S.Pigeon Control to deal with and create reports for each issue.  In some cases, these investigation reports are used in legal proceedings, evictions, and trespassing notices.

Certifications:  All businesses under the public rates will be issued a Pigeon Control Compliance Certification which can be used as a verification method that an integrated pigeon control program is in place.


Call U.S. Pigeon Control today and learn how we can help you control your pigeon problem!