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DIY Pigeon Control Tips

Pest birds can be a huge problem for business and home owners alike.  Their droppings can damage buildings and make for the need of huge cleanup efforts.  The noise can be disturbing to guests and your family.  Most people don’t know how or why birds are attracted to their homes or businesses, but their presence can cause a lot of distress.  Here are some DIY methods you can use to keep pigeons away and raise the effectiveness of your next U.S. Pigeon Control treatment.


  1. Keep trash areas clean closed

This tip is the #1 reason why pigeons flock to an area.  Pigeons are opportunistic birds and are always looking for food and water.  Trash areas are the #1 areas that pigeons can find their daily food source.  Keep your trash cans and dumpsters tightly closed and don’t let trash bags sit outside the receptacles.

  1. Keep pet food inside

Pigeons aren’t picky on what they eat, and your dog or cats bowl of kibble would make the perfect meal for a hungry pigeon.  Keep your pet’s food inside to avoid feeding the birds.


  1. Don’t allow standing water

As mentioned above, pigeons are always looking for food and water.  Don’t let standing water on your property.  If you have a water feature or fountain on your property make sure that the proper bird exclusions are installed and maintained regularly.  Don’t forget that once birds find out that your property has food or water, they will return every day until the supply is gone.


  1. Have professional nets and grates installed with solar panels

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular in the Las Vegas area, but pigeons can cause your new panels to over heat or be less effective then they were designed.  Make sure you have pigeon grates and nets installed by the professionals when your panels are beings installed.  This will make it so that birds NEVER find the underside of your panels and won’t give them the chance to build their nests there.


Have you done all these things and STILL have pigeons?  It’s time to call in the pros.  U.S. Pigeon Control will help you get rid of the pigeons, clean up their mess, and keep the birds away for good.  U.S. Pigeon control uses behavioral pigeon control methods to “train” the birds from visiting your home or business.  Our methods are humane and ACTUALLY WORK!  Give us a call today at (866) 674-7779.