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Don’t Feed the Birds!

Feeding birds at the park, public places, or in your backyard is a common past time for many people.  It can be fun to leave out a birdfeeder and watch lovely creatures fly around.  However, some birds can be pests and should not be fed.   Feeding birds encourages them to come back again and again for the free buffet.  Feeding Pigeons can result in flocks of birds nesting on your property, which can result in damage to your home or business. Repairing this damage can be very costly. If you live in an apartment complex or have a business in larger commercial buildings, then you know firsthand how annoying pigeons can be when they congregate on ledges, signs or balconies

Learn more reasons why feeding pigeons is a big no-no and how bird control can be utilized to remove such pesky creatures below.

When you have individuals feeding pigeons on a regular basis the birds will likely return frequently to check for more food opportunities.  When garbage is not collected on time or the disposal area is not kept tidy then pigeons have a constant food source. Pigeons are clever urban animals and will make their home near these sources of food.  The more well fed they are, the larger the flock.

Pigeons like to stay out all day long picking through garbage and foraging for food.  When they are taking a break from food hunting they perch on balconies, signs, under ledges and solar panels, and anywhere else they can get shelter from the hot Vegas sun.  They leave behind smelly feces and urine on your building that is unattractive and potentially dangerous.  During the nighttime hours the birds will go back to their nesting spots and protect themselves from the elements.

To help reduce pigeon populations, reduce the availability of food and water outside of your home or business.  Everyone will need to work together to stop intentional feeding of the pigeons as well as ensuring garbage is properly secured and that standing or dripping water is fixed.  U.S. Pigeon Control will help set up these procedures and even help with enforcing no-feeding rules to reduce the attractiveness of your property to pigeon’s flocks.

Once the U.S. Pigeon Control technicians arrive, the pigeon experts can assess the problem and begin humane methods of removing the birds and nesting materials.  U.S. Pigeon Control also offers clean-up services and pheromone removal treatments to deter birds from coming back. With these proper removal techniques used you will find your home or business is free of pigeons once and for all.

If you have a pigeon problem DO NOT WAIT!  Call U.S. Pigeon Control today to schedule an inspection and begin your treatment plan!!