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How to Hire a Pigeon Control Company in Las Vegas, Nevada   

Being overrun by pest pigeons is extremely frustrating, especially if you’ve already done your best to deter them yourself. Often, DIY efforts simply aren’t enough to deter pigeons from our property and you admit defeat – it’s time to call in the professionals.

But how do you find the best pigeon control company in your area? Follow these Do’s and Don’ts to find the best pigeon control company for you.



Search and shortlist – do a search for pigeon control companies near you and note down all that look of interest to you. Do a cursory look at their site to check they really are in your area and are in business.

Look at their reputation – look at any reviews or testimonials they have. If they have some negative reviews, read them and see if they give you any red flags. If they are a new company, look at their about page to see the individuals or established company behind it.

Choose a humane company – there are laws surrounding pigeon control and how you can remove pigeons from your property, so check they remove pigeons humanely. If they aren’t willing to tell you their methods, don’t use them.

Ask for a visit and a quote – the company you choose should be willing to visit your property to talk to you about the problem, what they will do to fix it, and give you a quote for the cost.

Ask about their clean-up process if they don’t explain it on the website. Any pigeon control company you choose should include clean-up of all the mess the pigeons will leave behind with safe products.

Ask how they will repel future pigeons – it’s not enough to simply remove the pigeons, they should also put a plan in place and install equipment that prevents them from coming back. If your property is attractive to one flock of pigeons, it will be attractive to another.

Listen to your intuition – if you have a gut feeling that you don’t want to work with a company, listen to it, even if they are the most affordable and best-reviewed. If a company doesn’t make you feel comfortable and valued, you shouldn’t hire them.



Let just “anyone” do it – you need to be a licensed professional to lawfully remove pigeons from a property. Don’t hire just anyone to try and tackle the problem.

Use a company that uses poisons – poisons aren’t humane and they introduce dangerous chemicals into the environment. These poisons not only have the potential to harm other wildlife but potentially pets and humans on the property, too.


If you’re looking for a trustworthy and experienced pigeon control company in Las Vegas and surrounding areas, we may be the right company for you. To find out more about us and our services, click here. [link:] Or, to talk to someone and arrange a visit, call 866-674-7779 today.