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How to Safely Clean Up Pigeon Poop

If you know anything about pigeons, you know that you don’t want their droppings around anywhere you live or work. Pigeon droppings are acidic and corrosive, and can carry upward of 60 transmittable diseases. While your best move is to hire U.S. Pigeon Control to complete a full, all-natural, PheroClean treatment to regain control of your property. The pros at U.S. Pigeon Control know that you may be cleaning up pigeon droppings yourself as well.

The most important thing to remember when cleaning up after pigeons is to be SAFE. Offering the pheromone blocking PheroClean treatment service not only is the most effective cleaning method, it’s also the safest way to clean up pigeon droppings, which is why U.S. Pigeon Control recommends that you always hire a pro for any clean up job.  However, we know that you can’t always avoid pigeon droppings 100% of the time.  And many people also complete DIY clean ups as well.

Here are some tips to keep you, your employees and your family SAFE from pigeon dropping.


How to Safely Remove Pigeon Poop from Your Property

First, Take Precautions

As mentioned above, pigeon droppings carry many harmful pathogens which can transfer to humans if ingested, so you need to take precautions before tackling the poop problem. If you must come in contact with untreated pigeon droppings make sure you arm yourself with a good pair of rubber gloves, long sleeves which don’t droop from the wrist, a face mask, and closed-toe shoes. Ensure any children and pets are kept well away from the area at all times.


Small Clean-Up Jobs

Gather a bucket of warm water, baking soda, and powder dishwasher detergent. Then find a plastic scraper (an old credit card or windscreen ice scraper will be the most accessible), and a bristled scrubbing brush you are happy to throw away after, and don your gloves and protective gear. Use soap, dish detergent, water and your scrub brushes to clean any small areas that need immediet attention.  If where you’ve cleaned is a high-traffic area, it’s a good idea to rinse the whole area and brush the water away a few times to ensure people won’t track fecal matter into your home, place of business, or theirs.


Don’t Let an Infestation Happen

If pigeons are becoming a problem for you, don’t simply clean up after them and forget about them until it happens again. Pigeons are pests, and just like other pests, you can have an infestation of them. Once they have found a place to call home they will continue to breed there until they are persuaded to go elsewhere.

If you’re worried about a growing flock of pigeons on your property, it’s time to get it in check. U.S. Pigeon Control will work with you to humanely remove the pigeons from your property. Contact us today for a free estimate and ensure your pigeons don’t become a much larger problem. [link:]


Don’t want to DIY your clean up?  Give us a call and schedule your PheroClean treatment today! [link:]