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How You Can Avoid These 5 Pigeon Control Mistakes

Pigeons can be very undesirable house guests and can infest a home or business very quickly.  These birds are noisy, dirty, and come in large flocks.  Their droppings are full of bacteria and diseases.  If you have a pigeon problem, there might be an easy reason why.  Check the list below and make sure you aren’t making any of these common mistakes!

The Buffet Is Open

Leaving your garbage can open, having unprotected bird food out, or leaving fallen fruit on your property can be a huge magnet for pigeons. Make sure that you close the pigeon buffet by making sure that your trashcans are always closed and remove other food sources from your property.  Pigeons won’t hang out where there isn’t food available, so as long as there isn’t another attractant to your home, removing the food might just make them move along.

In addition to these inadvertent feeding sources, you should also NEVER intentionally feed the birds.  Make sure that a no feed policy is put in place and you and your visitors aren’t attracting birds with food.

Open Water Source

Like having available food, open water source will attract all types of birds.  Remove or enclose water features so pigeons can’t access it.  Make sure any exclusions are installed by a professional and that proper materials are used.

Ineffective Exclusion Methods

Did you know that some pigeon deterrents actually serve as extra places to nest? Birds have a tendency to gravitate towards nooks and crannies that might be slightly closed off.  That’s why spikes and netting offer the perfect place for nesting.  Always keep an eye out for nests and make sure that your pigeon control efforts aren’t making your property more comfortable for those pigeons.

Poison – It’s a bad idea!

Using poison as a bird control method was outlawed many years ago; however, we still sometimes see people trying to kill the birds that plague their property.  This is not only ineffective; it can cause more damage to the environment than intended.  Any animal or bird that eats a sick, dying or dead pigeon could also be inadvertently poisoned.  Also, who wants to clean up dead birds all the time?  This practice is illegal and irresponsible.

Turning A Blind Eye

Whenever you see pigeons hanging out around your home or business, take care not to ignore them.  Ignoring signs of an infestation is one of the leading reasons why infestations happen.  Pigeons breed and grow their flock very quickly.  Those two pigeons you saw outside your window a few weeks ago will be an entire flock within just a few weeks if left unattended. 


The best way to avoid making these mistakes is to call in the professionals at the first sign of an impending infestation.  Having a proactive plan in place is key to keeping your pigeon problem in check.  To get your proactive pigeon control plan in place call U.S. Pigeon Control for a free estimate.  Using behavioral pigeon control methods, we will help you keep the pigeons away from your home or business.