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Keep Pigeons From Destroying Your Solar Panels

Many home, and business owners are installing solar panels to take advantage of the sunny Las Vegas days and to save on electricity bills. The trouble is, in many areas, pigeons LOVE these panels, as they offer shade and protection.

Why are pigeons a problem?

When pigeons flock to a rooftop, they can create costly damages by depositing their droppings.  Pigeons droppings can eat into the surface of solar panels and reduce the overall efficiency if the panels.  In addition, nesting materials built under the solar panels can reduce airflow and cause the panels to overheat.  Pigeon droppings can also damage the surface underneath the panels with their droppings.  Replacing panels and roofing can be extremely costly!

Another issue with having a pigeon flock living on your property is the noise that they cause.  Pigeons are very noisy birds, especially the young ones.  People living and sleeping in rooms directly under the roof would have to endure the noise until the nests are removed.  This can cause complaints and lost opportunities for your business.

U.S Pigeon Control Has the Solution

There are several ways to deter pigeons from making your solar panels part of their home.

The first tip is to deter pigeons before they ever move in.  U.S. Pigeon Control strongly suggests that you have exclusions installed while the solar panels are brought in.  Pigeons can move into an area quickly, so making sure exclusions are in place from the beginning will reduce the likelihood that you will have an issue with pigeons.  Most solar companies offer this installation as part of their packages.  Keep in mind that pigeons only need 3-4 inches of space to be able to get underneath the panels, so even panels that are close to the surface of your roof can still attract birds.

The second tip from U.S Pigeon Control is for those of you that have installed panels and now have a growing pigeon problem.  The best thing you can do is call in U.S. Pigeon Control ASAP and schedule an inspection.  We can help control the pigeons that have already begun nesting underneath the panels.  Keep in mind that an untreated pigeon issue can quickly get out of hand and create a mass population in any neighborhood.  Call U.S. Pigeon Control today!