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Methods Of Pigeon Pest Control For Hotels

Unwanted pest pigeons nesting around a hotel or motel can be much more than an inconvenience. Large flocks of birds nesting on your property can deter visitors and create a negative experience for guests – affecting, ultimately, your bottom line! Avoid lost profits and numbers of guests by employing the best methods of hotel pest control and ensuring that your hospitality business remains pigeon-free.


The Negative Impact


As maintaining an active hospitality business relies on a consistent number of visitors checking in, happy guests, positive reviews, and returning visitors are vital to keeping hotel company in business.


Unwanted pest pigeons around a hotel are a nuisance for business owners and guests alike, with waste from pigeon droppings, unwanted noise, potential diseases and damage to buildings. For a guest, large numbers of unwanted pigeons can disturb what could otherwise be a peaceful and clean stay – resulting in negative reviews and a decrease in business over time.


As a duty of care, it’s also important to consider your guests’ hygienic and health requirements. Unwanted pest pigeons can spread disease through their droppings, so it’s essential to ensure your property is free of this unsanitary and potentially disease-spreading waste.


Pest pigeons can also create plenty of noise! This disturbance is not conducive to a good night’s sleep, nor does it create a peaceful space to relax. Save your guests the stress of unwanted noise disturbance by ensuring that pest pigeons aren’t able to roost in and around your property.


Control Pest Pigeons around Hotels and Motels


Creating a space around your hotel or motel that will deter pigeons, paired with a comprehensive hospitality pest control program, will ensure your property stays pigeon-free and your guests stay happy.


The necessary steps to create a hotel pest control strategy and deter pest pigeons from your property include:

  1. Removing any evident and accessible sources of food
  2. Closing off any available areas of water
  3. Eliminating access to small alcoves in roofs and sealing off gaps beneath solar panels


Making these necessary changes can help to deter pigeons from nesting for long, however, once a flock of pigeons has settled into the area around your property, it may take more comprehensive and forceful control methods to remove the birds from your hotel effectively. If you discover that your hospitality pigeon control cannot be managed by eliminating apparent sources of food and shelter, then you should take action to employ a professional pigeon control program to remove the birds.


We pride ourselves on using the most effective behavioural methods of pigeon removal, using steps that will completely exclude the birds from your property humanely. By focusing on pigeon behaviour, we work to alter pigeon’s natural nesting habits by using methods of behavioural modification; naturally encouraging the birds away from the area. This harmless method of pigeon control is entirely humane and one hundred percent legal.


Combining both of these steps – professional behavioural pigeon pest control, and removing all sources of food and shelter – will ensure your guests can have a peaceful and clean stay at your hotel.


U.S. Pigeon Control


We understand the nuisance pest pigeons generate and the unwanted effects of having these birds nesting on your property. We want to help you to run a successful hospitality company, free of any pigeon concerns, and work with many motel and hotel owners to create a complete hospitality pigeon control program. Do you have an issue with roosting birds on your property and unsure of the next step to take? Call us today on 1 (866) 674-7779, and we’ll talk you through exactly how we can help.