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Pigeon Feeding Laws in Las Vegas

Did you know that there are steep fines for feeding pigeons in the Las Vegas area?  The Clark County Commission passed a law that took effect in November 2017 stating that feeding of feral pigeons would be considered a misdemeanor and could potentially cost you a fine of $1,000 or 6 months in jail.  While first-time offenders would most likely get a warning, feeding pigeons is not worth the risk of going to jail!

Pigeons can cause major damage to buildings, monuments, and public places, which is the main reason that bans like this are put in place.  While many people agree with the ban there are a group of people that protested the ban.  In fact, those who oppose the ban and consequences actually won in 2012 when the law was discussed then.

Pigeons can cause extreme messes which can result in health risks and expensive repairs and clean up jobs.  We saw in the Las Vegas news not long ago a story about the West Flamingo Senior Center that was an epicenter for perched pigeons.  The place had 6 inches of pigeon poop accumulated when teams were called in to clean up the mess, so they could fix their broken air-conditioning unit, which failed due to the pigeon droppings.

Supporters of the law are hoping that costly repairs and clean ups will be reduced by removing that attractions to certain areas of the city.  Pigeon control should be a proactive program that includes removing food and water sources.  Locals and tourist that feed pigeons are unknowably encouraging more and more pigeons to flock to that area day-after-day, which is detrimental to the businesses and patrons in the area.

For more info on how to enforce the no-feed laws in Las Vegas and to get your property treated for pigeons call U.S. Pigeon Control at 866-674-7779.  We can help you avoid costly repairs to your property by removing, cleaning up after, and enforcing rules and regulations regarding pigeons.