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Pigeon Related Fines & Lawsuits

Did you know that there are steep fines for feeding pigeons? Did you know that you could get sued for feeding pigeons?  With the new “No feeding” laws being passed in multiple cities in the U.S. we are beginning to see more and more repercussions being passed down by law enforcement.  Below are some of the most recent stories where pigeons, and feeding pigeons have cost people money, and time in lawsuits.


Landlord Sues Tenant for Feeding Pigeons

A New York woman, who loved to feed pigeons, was sued by her landlord in June, 2017.  The landlord claimed that the mess of birdseed and pigeon droppings were keeping shoppers away from the stores beneath the woman’s apartment. The judge banned the woman from attracting birds to her window and there was a hearing on the case for further action.  Fines for feeding pigeons in New York can be as high as $1,000 per occurrence.


Man Faces Jail Time for Feeding Birds

A Minnesota man faced jail time for throwing bird seed on the ground to attract birds.  The law states that bird feeders must be 5 ft off the ground.  The feeding and lack of feeders have caused this man trouble with the law in the past and continue to threaten his freedom.


Even Famous Pigeons Can’t Escape

The pigeon problem and legal action is worldwide.  One of the most high-profile anti-pigeon actions is London’s Trafalgar Square, which has been home to many pigeons throughout history.  At one point there were so many pigeons at this site that is was officially deemed uncomfortable to visit and a £140,000 bill to repair the damage done to Nelson’s Column led to a by-law being introduced to ban pigeon feeding.  Anyone that feeds birds in this Square now faces £500 fines.


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