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Pigeons Are a Year-Round Problem: Here’s How to Solve It

Pest pigeons are a problem in municipalities and on properties throughout the US, and while many wonder about how they survive the snow and ice in the north, here in Nevada they are free to thrive year-round. Many city pigeons have adapted to survive by living off our leftovers, which continue to be plentiful even in the depths of winter.

It’s not just food that continues to be plentiful for pigeons who choose to live in densely populated areas, but water too. Even in the north, the pigeons are able to drink from the puddles the people and engines keep unfrozen, so it’s no wonder they continue to thrive here in Las Vegas in the winter.

If you have pigeons on your property you may even find the problem gets worse as they seek shelter from the cold. If you have a barn, warehouse, or porch that has become a roost for pigeons, the mess they cause and the health risks they pose will only increase.


Why Are Pigeons Such a Problem?

Pigeons, even in small numbers, can damage property, increase risks of fire, and pose health risks to residents and employees due to the harmful pathogens their feces are known to carry. Their feces are acidic and corrosive, and if you store vehicles or use machinery where the pigeons have chosen to live, they may be seriously damaged by the pigeons. It’s important that you do all you can to deter pigeons from your property, no matter the time of year.

Another problem with pigeons, especially for businesses using warehouses, is that once they find a way into your warehouse they are very difficult to keep out! When pigeons find a great place to roost they will continue to return to it (and bring their friends) until we remove them and keep them out for good.


What Can You Do About Your Pigeon Problem?

If you have a pest pigeon problem, whether that be at home, at a place of business, or at your rental properties, it’s vital you do all you can to remove the pigeons before they cause damage to something or someone. While their gentle hooting may seem harmless now, you don’t want to be the person to suffer through E. coli after coming into contact with their mess, or, just as bad, be landed with a lawsuit because you didn’t do your duty in keeping employees or tenants safe.

The US Pigeon Control uses only humane and legal abatement methods to remove and keep pigeons off your property for good. Once the pigeons are gone, we’ll take care of the decontamination that is vital to restore a safe living and working environment for you, your family, your employees, or your tenants.


If you have pigeons on your property you need to remove them permanently. US Pigeon Control humanely and legally removes pigeons from your property and ensures the problem cannot happen again. If you need help with pigeons on your property, contact us today by clicking here  or call us on 866-674-7779.