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Protect Your Garden and Fruit Trees from Pigeons

After all your hard work to till, plant and weed a healthy garden, the last thing you want is for birds to come in a mercilessly snack on your fruits, and leafy vegetables. Without effective bird control, pest birds will wreak havoc on garden, especially budding fruit trees.  You’ll quickly notice you have a problem when the tops of your young plants are missing or if you notice missing fruit buds or see flocks of birds chowing down on fallen fruit.  Pigeons can eat just about anything, so even your berries, green beans, broccoli, and leafy vegetables are at risk.

So what should you do when you notice pigeons damaging your garden?

First of all, remember that lethal means of DIY bird control can be illegal.  Poisons should not be used as they can be ingested by pets and pose serious health risks for children.  The use of pellet guns should also be reserved for the professionals, as they can be dangerous if in inexperienced users hands.  Check the laws in your area and use extreme caution when performing any lethal DIY bird control methods!

Second, don’t waste your time with ineffective measures.  Traps will only take care of an extremely small percentage if the flock and won’t deter future birds from finding your property.  Pigeons can also remember places from long distanced so if you trap and release then those same birds could find their way back in no time.  Other ineffective measures can include spikes, mesh coverings, and decoy birds.  These measures are often ineffective, especially when installed without experience.

The BEST way to keep your garden safe from pigeons is to call in the professional, experienced team of pigeons control agents at U.S. Pigeon Control. If you are part of an area with a HOA or Property management then you should start by asking them to schedule an inspection and treatment for the entire area.  Pigeons are best controlled when the entire neighborhood and surrounding areas are being monitored and treated as well.  No feed rules should be enforced in surrounding areas as well as proper clean up and maintenance of garbage receptacles and surrounding yards.

If you are in an area where Community Control programs are not available then you can call U.S. Pigeon Control directly and schedule an inspection and treatment for your property.  The U.S. Pigeon Control Technician will perform an effective program to deter birds from your property and remove any stubborn birds that may want to remain.

The Residential Pigeon Control Service Program includes 4 steps.  The first step is to remove nesting birds.  Once the nesting birds have been captured or removed then the rest of the birds can be controlled using behavioral methods.  The second step is to clean and decontaminate the pigeon nesting and perching areas.  U.S. Pigeon control uses advanced methods to clean the area so it is no longer attractive to more pigeons.  The 3rd step is to eliminate potential or exsisting nesting areas.  And finally the 4th step is to modify the pigeons behavior and make your property undesirable to pigeons.  The U.S. pigeon Control agents can work with you to train you on simple tricks to create and maintain an “invisible fence” around your property.

You can also assist the professionals in their efforts to reduce the bird activity by making your property less attractive to birds. To deter birds from your garden start by removing access to standing water.  Also make sure that all fallen fruit is collected regularly and clean up any scraps left behind after pruning, or harvesting.


Still have questions or concerns?  We are here to help!  Call us today at 866-674-7779 and let us help you control your pigeon problem!