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Regular Pigeon Control Can Save You Money

Are you spending thousands of dollars every year cleaning up bird droppings and repairing damage caused by nesting and roosting birds? Pigeons especially love to gather on rooftops, balconies, and parking structures in the Las Vegas area.  Pigeon feces are very acidic and can cause expensive damages to your building, sidewalks, and appliances.


With regular pigeon control services from U.S. Pigeon Control, you can save money on repairs by keeping birds off your property.  U.S. Pigeon Control offers various services that can proactively keep birds from ever roosting or nesting on your property.


Never worry about these costly issues again:

Property Damage

Bird droppings can damage and contaminate the production of your business.  Your building’s paint and awnings could be damaged from excess droppings.  Materials and inventory could also be infected and rendered un-usable until adequately cleaned.  Because of the health risks associated with touching or breathing the feces or related dust, you can not put your employees, family or friends as risk!  Permanently damaged inventory could cost your business hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


Damaged Reputation

A building covered in bird feces is unattractive and can cause your business to receive negative reviews and reduced traffic.  For the hospitality industry, birds cause guest complaints and related negative reviews due to their noise level.  Also, due to the various health risks that come with a bird infestation, your business could be liable for medical bills and lawsuits filed due to diseases and injury associated with the birds.  For the restaurant industry, a bird issue could also put you at risk for a health code violation.


Increased Costs

Clean up and repairs resulting from bird droppings can result in a daily or weekly maintenance commitment.  The last thing most businesses need is added expected to hire extra help cleaning and repairing after the pigeon damages. Companies need to keep their employees productive toward making money for the business, not cleaning up after the never-ending bird problem.


Extra Maintenance

It is likely that your business regularly pays for gutter and drain clean-up services.  If you have a pigeon problem, you may have to double or even triple the number of regular maintenance services that you have scheduled for the year.  Pigeon nests and droppings can clog drains, clog gutters and cause multiple problems for your home or business.


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