US Pigeon Control

Behavioral Pigeon Control

Animals (especially a pigeon) have an amazing natural ability to adapt. Even if you are not an experienced animal trainer, you probably already know that addressing the environment will do little to control the undesired actions of these birds.  They will simply adapt!

While there are many theories on animal behavior, science has proven that there are only 2 ways to change or control this with any animal: positive or negative reinforcement.

Introducing Behavioral Pigeon Control

Now take what you’ve just learned about animals and ask yourself why owls, screens, spikes, shock track and poison bait don’t work for pigeon control.

You’re right!  It’s because these actions also address only the environment and not the pigeon itself.

Now that we know why typical methods of pigeon control don’t work, how do we apply that knowledge to pigeon problems? U.S. Pigeon Control has the answer and we call it “behavioral pigeon control”.  If you would like to know how we can help you to control pigeons, contact one of our experts today!