US Pigeon Control

Commercial Services

U.S. Pigeon Control’s commercial services offer the most advanced and effective pigeon control solutions in the world. These services include:

Area Patrol: Pigeon Control Agents will regularly patrol coverage zones identifying any pigeon issues occurring within the service area. Pigeon Control Agents regularly create assessment reports that are used to assign resources to a particular control zone.

Dispatched Response: Pigeon Control Agents can be dispatched to respond to many different calls from the community. Some of these calls include rescue, carcass removal, or individual capture operations.

General Capture/Removal: U.S. Pigeon Control will implement capture and removal operations as often as is necessary to maintain acceptable levels of control for designated service areas. This may include a range of services or assets, including Pigeon-Saver® placement or Special Teams.

Investigation/Reporting: Pigeon Control Agents can be called upon to deal with compliance issues such as intentional feeding or inadvertent feeding. In some cases these investigation reports are used in legal proceedings, evictions or trespass notices.

Compliance Certification: All businesses or communities under the public rates will be issued a Pigeon Control Compliance Certification which can be used as verification that an integrated pigeon control program is in place.