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Pigeon Control Strategy

If you’re like most property managers, you’re looking for a turnkey solution that:

A) Provides an effective, long-term solution

B) Preserves the aesthetic integrity of the property

C) Maintains a positive public image for the property

D) Delivers true value for the cost

The United States Department of Agriculture says that, “the most effective approach to resolving wildlife damage is to integrate the use of several methods simultaneously or sequentially” (Environmental Assessment dated May 2000, Section 3.2.1).

Pigeons have 3 basic needs:

To solve the problem, all 3 elements must be approached using an

“Integrated Wildlife Management” program.


The Strategy

Initial Setup

Utilizing a number of different strategies, U.S. Pigeon Control will remove the entire flock affecting your property .

Some of the other environmental issues we address during the Initial Setup include:

  • Establishment and Enforcement of “No-Feed” policies
  • Assessment of vegetation (fruit-bearing trees and bushes)
  • Assessment of food and water sources
  • Any other environmental/procedural changes needed

Once control is established (30 days), the property is ready to be cleaned.


Pigeon droppings destroy property, are unsightly, and create a health hazard for guests and staff.  They also contain smells (pheromones) that signal to other pigeons that your property is open for business - pigeon business.

Once the pigeons have been removed from the property, our Biological Services Division will clean-up, decontaminate, and depheromonize your property.  Not only will this help to get your property looking the way you want it, but it will also help minimize any further property damage.

During the Clean-Up phase, U.S. Pigeon Control will:

  • Remove all loose droppings and nesting materials from property
  • Pressure wash and decontaminate all affected areas on site
  • Conduct a full PheroClean® treatment on affected areas.

Preventative Maintenance

Once a property is under control it is much easier to keep it that way.  With weekly visits to your property U.S. Pigeon Control ensures that you never have to deal with pigeon problems again.

Some of the weekly services we provide include:

  • Enforcement of “no-feed” policies
  • Regular removal procedures
  • Periodic clean-up
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Compliance Certification

No program will be successful without a consistent maintenance program.  U.S. Pigeon Control can provide a total solution for your property that will protect it for as long as the program is in place.


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