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Why Humane Pigeon Control Is Important

Regulating levels of unwanted birds can be achieved most successfully by using humane pigeon control methods. Employing tactics for humane pigeon control far outweighs any alternative lethal methods for many reasons, including animal welfare, effectiveness and, perhaps most importantly, staying above the law!


We champion the use of humane pigeon control methods and have proven that by using behavioural tactics, a long term solution can be put in place to protect your property, business, or home.


Choosing lethal tactics are sometimes selected as they seem like the most obvious solution; however, we strongly recommend against using these practices, for the numerous negative impacts they can incur.


Many Birds Are Protected By Law


Possibly the most essential overarching factor for opting for safe, non-lethal pigeon control is that many birds, including pigeons, are protected by law. In Nevada, there are laws within different counties that prohibit the shooting of pigeons.


In Washoe County, legislation states: “It is unlawful for any person to provide or use pigeons or other birds, or to fire upon the same, in connection with any “shoot” which may result in the killing or injuring of any pigeons or such other birds”, making it entirely illegal to shoot pigeons.


In Las Vegas, the law states: “It is unlawful for any person who is not engaged in training a dog for field trial or hunting, or in staging a field trial or training class, to fire upon any animal, including a pigeon or other bird, unless hunting pursuant to authority granting from the U.S. Government, the State, or one of their respective political subdivisions.”


General Nevada statute doesn’t directly address the concern of shooting pigeons; however, it does stress the forbidding of killing all animals and birds within the article NRS 574: “Cruelty to Animals: Prevention and Penalties.”


Rather than ending up on the wrong side of the law (and probably with a misdemeanour on your record), talk to us about humane, one hundred percent legal methods to control your pest pigeon issue.


Humane Pigeon Control Methods Are Effective


Most methods for culling large populations of pigeon flocks have now been deemed illegal and subsequently banned across the U.S. Not only are these practices of poisoning or shooting the birds unlawful, but they are also usually ineffective, with many populations of pigeons reinstating their numbers rapidly after the cull has taken place.


Rather than halting the breeding of the birds, the surviving few birds are left with a surplus of food and water, no longer in competition with other birds from the flock. As such, the surviving pigeons will reproduce at a higher rate, creating an even bigger problem than there was before.


Harm To Other Birds and Wildlife


Using methods of poison, or other lethal methods such as shock tracks, harms not only pigeons but also other small birds and animals.


Shock tracks placed on window ledges that give a short, painful shock to birds that land on them, aren’t selective to which birds land on them. Where they may only provide a quick zap for pigeons, often this amount of charge for smaller birds can be instantly lethal. Now deemed inhumane, the use of shock tracks is frowned upon and considered a cruel tactic for bird control as it causes pain to the animals.


Some states still permit the sale of shock tracks; however, the use of them is greatly frowned upon. Many companies that have previously installed the traps on their property have suffered negative publicity, and their use is still reported as a grossly harmful and destructive method of avian control.


Choose Humane Pigeon Control


Using humane pigeon control methods will guarantee not only the safe welfare of local animals, but also the protection of your business, and ensures the removal of the birds in a completely safe and legal way.


Our tactics of pigeon pest control focus on behavioural methods, teaching the birds to move away from any space, with permanent results. By manipulating their environment, and their habits, pigeons can be coaxed from the area with long term success.


Our humane pigeon control methods include:

  • Relocating the pigeons so that they no longer see your area of work or home as a place for roosting.
  • Adjusting the core nesting zones for the flock so that they no longer see the existing region as an attractive place to roost and reproduce.
  • Removing nesting birds and the ‘leaders’ of the pigeon flock so the rest of the group will naturally follow.
  • Using operant conditioning to train the birds into a learned behaviour where specific actions have consequences, to teach them not to nest in an area.
  • Using cleaning methods that remove pheromones that will otherwise encourage the birds to breed and reproduce.
  • Establishing practices that will create a pigeon-free region, ensuring the pigeons do not return to the same spot to roost after they have been successfully removed.



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