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Why Your Pigeon Control Plan Never Works Out The Way You Plan

Effective pigeon control can be an elusive concept for many people.  Business owners know how destructive pigeons can be, and how much money that they can waste in clean up and treatment efforts. But still, many elimination efforts often fail due to major “holes” left in the treatment procedure.  This is the main reason that U.S. Pigeon Control uses the behavioral pigeon control methods to deter pigeons from nesting and gathering.

Pigeons have a natural ability to adapt to different environments.  Even if you aren’t an experienced animal trainer, you may know that addressing the environment that animals will often do little to deter the birds…they simply adapt.  That means that your bird spikes, netting, and other deterrents will probably have a minimal effect on the bird population on your property.

So what should you do?  U.S. Pigeon Control has the answer!

Doing Pigeon Control the Right Way

There are many theories on animal behavior, but scientists have proven that there are only two ways to change or control any animal: positive or negative reinforcement. The U.S Pigeon Control behavior control methods work by creating a “relationship” with the birds and taking steps to safely remove them from the environment where they are conflicting with humans.

This starts by removing the attraction that pigeons have to your property.  Food and water are the main attractants to any location, so that’s where we begin.  We help you identify and correct any food or water sources.

Then we start on our operant conditioning procedures to create and maintain an “invisible fence” around your location.  We eliminate potential, or existing nesting spots then help you clean up and decontaminate the pigeon roosting areas.  By removing the pheromones from the pigeon’s favorite roosting places, we deter future pigeons from gathering there.  These clean up measures also help get your property back to looking it’s best.

Patrol and dispatch response services are other services that U.S. Pigeon control specializes in and further helps to provide that deterrent “fence” that keep pigeons away for good.

All businesses and communities under the public rates will be issued a Pigeon Control Compliance Certification which can be used as a verification that an integrated pigeon control program is in place.

If you need an integrated pigeon control program call U.S. Pigeon Control today and schedule your initial meeting and inspection.  Call U.S. Pigeon Control at 866-675-7779!